18 Abhishek Poojan
18 Abhishek Poojan
18 Abhishek Poojan
18 Abhishek Poojan
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9th Anniversary of GruhaJinalaya

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Weekly Activity

Asthaprakari Pooja on 07-07-2024

Monthly Activity

14/07/2024 - AGM

AboutBrisbane Jain Sangh

Jai Jinendra. Brisbane Jain Sangh is a group of families and individuals following Jain religion in Brisbane. The group was formed in 2009, organises monthly and annual events to practice and share religious knowledge of Jainism. Brisbane Jain Sangh has more than 150 registered members and it’s growing. Please follow the links to know more about the sangh and register your interest to actively participate in future events.

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Jainacharya Ratnasundersurishwarji
Maharaj Sahebji's

Ratna Vani

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The Sangh meets monthly to perform religious activities such as Samayik, Snatra Pooja, Bhakti Sandhya and Jain Quiz. Celebration of Paryusan Pratikraman, Mahavir Janma Vanchan, Swami Vatsalya, Samuh Ayambil, Tapasvi Sanman also happens annually with major attendance. We also invite our religious monk, POOJYA SHREE JINCHANDRAJI MAHARAJ and conduct Poojans, Pravachans and Bhavnas.

How to make donations ?

Brisbane Jain Sangh (BJS) is a non-profit organization. All Sangh activities are funded by donations from individuals and/or institutions.