20 August 2021

Paryushan Mahaparva 2021

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Respected Shravak/Shravika,

Brisbane Jain Sangh (BJS) is pleased to invite you and your family to celebrate the Paryushan Mahaparva 2021, starting from Friday 3rd September to Friday 10th September (Samvatsari) 2021 followed by Swamivatsalya on Sunday, 26th September 2021
With the blessings of Dev, Guru and Dharma, we are pleased to inform you that Shri Paurikbhai Shah and Shri Harshilbhai + Shri Moxitbhai will be conducting online Pravachan & Madhur Bhakti for the Paryushan 2021. 
Programme Highlights for Paryushan 2021 shall be as below: 
  • Morning & Evening Pratikaman
  • Asthprakari Pooja
  • Daily Swadhyay (Online Pravachan)
  • Aangi / Aarti / Mangal Divo
  • Snatra Pooja & Asthotari Abhishek
  • Astanika & Kalpsutra Pravachan
  • Mahavir Janam Vanchan/ Supan Darshan
  • Samvatsari Pratikaman 
  • Chaitya Pariparti & Sangh Swamivatslya
Let us all join together to celebrate the most auspicious festival of Jainism!!
Kind regards
BJS Paryushan 2021 Committee
Chadavo/Labh Opportunities for Paryushan 2021

Item No. of Opportunities Nakro
Snatra Pooja – Aarti / Mangal Divo / Shanti Kalash 3 Chadhano
Ashtotari Abhishek – Sangh Pratimaji 11 $101
Ashtotari Abhishek – Personal Pratimaji N/A $51
Kumarpal Raja Aarti / Mangal Divo 1 Chadhavo
Ashta Mangal Supan 8 Chadhavo
14 Supan Labharthi 14 Chadhavo
14 Supan Moti Mala 14 $51
Daily Aangi / Aarti / Mangal Divo 8 $101
Mahavir Swami Bhagwan Parnu 1 Chadhavo

For all items with fixed Nakro (i.e. Ashtotari Abhishek, 14 Supan Moti Mala, and Aangi / Aarti / Mangal Divo Labh), please register your interest to Shri Jiggar Doshi on 0438275737 OR Shri Ketan Gosalia on 0451525170 before 27.08.2021 if you would like to participate in the lucky draw.
For all catering purposes, please RSVP online for each separate event before 27.08.2021. 
Donation Opportunities for Paryushan 2021
For any interest in sponsoring the events of Maha Parva Paryushan 2021, the committee offers the below opportunities. These should help in covering the costs for all Paryushan Activities including (Pravachans, Bhavna, Pooja, Venue Hire, etc.)
3 Days Sponsorship - $306.00
5 Days Sponsorship - $504.00
8 Days Sponsorship - $801.00
Additionally, for interest in Sponsoring all Swamivatsalya Event during Paryushan, a sponsorship amount of $504.00 has been fixed. 
For interest in sponsoring the events, please contact Shri Sanjay Shah 0401847286.
Account Name: Brisbane Jain Sangh
BSB : 064117
Account No: 10365684
Please contact any one of the Event Committee members if you have any questions.

 Important Paryushan Event Notes
  • Boiled water: Arrangement will be made for boiled drinking water on Saturday, Sunday during Paryushan, Mahavir Janma Vaanchan day and on the Samvatsari day for those who are doing Tapasya.
  • Please bring your own Katasana and other Pratikraman gears that you might have. We have made arrangements for all those who do not have.
  • All Sthanakvasi everyday evening pratikaman will be held at 25 Rimu Cresent, Forest Lake, on the same timing of regular evening pratikaman.
  • On 05.09.2021, all participants are requested to bring their own Pratimaji and Divo/Aarti.
  • Management committee reserves the right to amend any of the above programs, should circumstances change, without advance notice.
General Paryushan Notes
  • During Paryushan, ideally, one shall perform 17 Pratikraman - Morning & evening Pratikraman during the 8 days of Paryushan and morning Pratikraman on Parna day
  • Anyone performing evening Pratikraman must not eat after sunset.
  • Anyone performing morning Pratikraman must have stopped eating prior to sunset on previous day.
  • During Paryushan, one shall confine meal intake between Navkarshi & Sunset time and avoid eating green vegetables (Jain should not eat root vegetables).
  • Anyone performing any Tapasya (Ekasanu, Biyasanu, Upvas, Aayambil) must drink boiled water and have meals between Porsi & Sunset time only. It is also important to take appropriate pachchakhkhan.
  • Please deposit the annual membership fees of $101 per family and $51 per single members to the BJS Account (BSB 064 117 | Account No.10365684)


Dev Devi Pratishtha

For Latest details, please join our WhatsApp group. Contact Committee member Viral Gandhi on 0415 253 553 to join WhatsApp