25 February 2019

Gruha Jinalaya 4th Anniversary & Dev / Devi Pratishtha

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Respected Shravak / Shravika, 


With blessings of Dev, Guru and Dharma Brisbane Jain Sangh (BJS) is pleased to invite you and your family for the auspicious and milestone event of 4th Anniversary of Gruha Jinalaya & Dev / Devi Pratishtha between Friday, 15 Mar to Sunday 17 Mar 2019.

This 3-days celebration will include:

  • 18 Abhishek Poojan at Gruha Jinaya for all Tirthankars, Dev / Devi as well as personal Pratimaji, including Dhaja Rohan
  • Shri Saraswati Maha Poojan
  • Shri Manibhadra Veer Poojan / Hawan
  • Dev Devi Pratishtha
  • Pravachan & Jin Madhur Bhakti

Panditji Shri Ajitbhai Shah (orator/Jain scholar) along with Shri Ketanbhai Dedhia (singer/musician) will be conducting various Poojan and ceremonies throughout our Anniversary / Pratishtha  Celebration.

We are pleased to invite you and your family to be part of this celebration and take labh by attending all activities. We encourage everyone to take leave on Friday, 15th March 2019 (18 Abhishek Poojan).




Detailed Programme

Click HERE to download a detailed programme of the celebrations.


Click HERE to RSVP online by 10th March

Poojan list & Nakro details

Please register your interest to Jiggar Doshi on 0438257537 by 7th March 2019 to participate (individually) in the following Poojans:

Poojan Name

Labh Opportunities


18 Abhishek Poojan - Tirthankar

9x Opportunities


18 Abhishek Poojan - Dev / Devi

9x Opportunities


18 Abhishek Poojan - Personal Pratimaji

For all interested Labharthi


Shri Saraswati Devi Poojan

12x Opportunities(2 Family)


Personal Shri Saraswati Yantra Poojan

For all interested Labharthi


Shri Manibhadra Veer Poojan

8x Opportunities


Shri Manibhadra Veer Havan

28x Opportunities


Please note, there will be further opportunities for Chadhavo on the following activities:


Opportunities for Chadhavo

  • Dhaja Rohan
  • Surya & Chandra Darshan + Ashtaprakari Pooja
  • Aarti / Mangal Divo
  • Shanti Kalash
  • Shri Saraswati Devi Pratishtha
  • Shri Manibhadra Veer Pratishtha
  • Shri Manibhadra Veer Abhishek – 5
  • Shri Manibhadra Veer Vilepan – 3
  • Shri Manibhadra Veer Gola Om – 1


18 Abhishekh Poojan on Gruhajinalaya Pratimaji and Personal Pratimaji

To perform 18 Abhishekh Poojan on Gruhjinalay Pratimaji and Personal Pratimaji,  BJS will allow only one person from their family to perform 18 Abhishek poojan. Furthermore, ALL pooja participants shall be expected to be in Pooja Clothes, including 18 Abhishek Poojan, Shri Saraswati Maha Poojan and Shri Manibhadra Veer Poojan. All pooja samagri shall be provided by BJS.

A lucky draw will be undertaken by the committee on 8th March 2019 for all Poojans.


Important Notes :

  • Volunteers are required for the below teams. Please register your interest with the following members:
  • Event Arrangement Team

Sanjeev Shah 0433020773 & Sanjay Shah 0401847286

  • Religious Team

Jiggar Doshi 0438275737, Ushaben Mehta 0451862375, Hetal Mehta 0449215353

  • Catering Team

Viral Gandhi 0415253553, Tejas Parekh 0410564013

  • Please RSVP online before 10th March 2019 for all catering purposes.
    • Please remember to transfer $5 as deposit for per meal, per person in to BJS account. This deposit shall be refunded at the time of plate collection during the event.
    • RSVP between 11th March-14th March to transfer $5 as non refundable for per meal, per person in to BJS account.
    • Without RSVP pay $10 cash on counter. (Request to all Please do not use this option)
  • All pooja participants requested to avoid wearing black clothes.
  • Only Females of the family will be allowed to perform the Shri Saraswati Devi Vastra pooja & Abhushan pooja.
  • Only Males of the family will be allowed to perform the Shri Manibhadra Veer Abhishek, Vilepan & Hawan.
  • All attendees are requested to arrive on time for all events – specifically all Labharthi. It is likely that your Labh may be passed on to other Sadharmik upon your absence.
  • Parking shall be strictly prohibited on Dulwich Place & 200m Surrounding Gruhjinalay on 15th & 17th March 2019.
  • Please keep noise level as low as possible.

Please accept our apology (Michhami Dukkadam) for any inconvenience the above arrangements may cause. BJS Committee is determined to enforce all above arrangements. So we expect full cooperation.

Jai Jinendra,

BJS Committee



Dev Devi Pratishtha

For Latest details, please join our WhatsApp group. Contact Committee member Viral Gandhi on 0415 253 553 to join WhatsApp