6 August 2013

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There are large numbers of Jains families in Brisbane but they all are dispersed and during past few years only few Jains use to congregate once a year for Samvatsari Pratikaman. During 2009 Paryushan, Gaurang Shah, who has moved from Auckland, New Zealand to Brisbane, Australia realised the need and with the support of other jain families decided to establish the Sangh for the advancement of Jain Religion.

Brisbane Jain Sangh was formed in August 2009 to unite Jain families living in the Brisbane city and perform prescribed religious rituals every month.

Our Vision


To provide a strong religious platform to learn and spread unique principles of Jainism and it’s values to the society and the future generation.


Foster knowledge, culture and intellectual understanding about Jainism and Jain way of living in the community.

Monthly and Annual Activities



The Sangh meets monthly to perform religious activities such as Samayik, Snatra Pooja, Bhakti Sandhya and Jain Quiz. Celebration of Paryusan Pratikraman, Mahavir Janma Vanchan, Swami Vatsalya, Samuh Ayambil, Tapasvi Sanman also happens annually with major attendance. We also invite our religious monk, POOJYA SHREE JINCHANDRAJI MAHARAJ and conduct Poojans, Pravachans and Bhavnas.

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